Ice-creamed Fresh Fruits. The Fruit Fudge

This is fudge, ice cold with ice cream covering the fruits well. It’s yum, if fruits are not sweet, don’t forget to add sugar in it, as this is a sweet dish after all. Children can enjoy this as cold delicious way to eat fruits. Ingredients: vanilla ice cream ( preferably vanilla, given it hasContinue reading “Ice-creamed Fresh Fruits. The Fruit Fudge”

In Dry-Fruit Cream, Carrot-Fruit Pudding

Ingredients: 2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 orange, dry-fruits, cashewnuts, walnuts, almonds Step 1. Head 2 glass of water in a pan, put 4 spoon of sugar in the pan. Let water heat, while we do other things. Step 2. Dip some dryfruits in bowl, as much as you need the cream Step 3. Take 2Continue reading “In Dry-Fruit Cream, Carrot-Fruit Pudding”

Green Peas Vegetable Mix- In 10 minutes and Spicy

Recipe for One Ingredients: 250 grams green peas, 1 medium sized potato, 3 spoon cooking oil of choice, 1 spoon black pepper, salt and optionally milk cream. That is it. Step 1. Take Green Peas and one potato, wash it and cut in very small pieces. Heat 2-3 spoon of cooking oil of choice in fryingContinue reading “Green Peas Vegetable Mix- In 10 minutes and Spicy”

Creamy Green Spicy Vegetable Mix (Super Nutritious)

The creamy green vegetable mix can be taken with any kind of bread, burgers or any staple food, be it rice. All you need is some green stuff. Recipe for one. Increase in proportions. Some beans, 8-10 ladyfingers, 1 capsicum. Some fresh ginger and fresh garlic, 2 spoon oil, fresh milk cream, black pepper, salt, Green chiliContinue reading “Creamy Green Spicy Vegetable Mix (Super Nutritious)”