Ice-creamed Fresh Fruits. The Fruit Fudge

This is fudge, ice cold with ice cream covering the fruits well. It’s yum, if fruits are not sweet, don’t forget to add sugar in it, as this is a sweet dish after all.

Children can enjoy this as cold delicious way to eat fruits.

Ingredients: vanilla ice cream ( preferably vanilla, given it has the perfect taste for these fruits) , One Mango, 1 citrus fruit , 1 apple, pomegranate and all as per availability and taste.

Here are quick steps

Step 1. Take two scoops of vanilla ice cream (or any, but vanilla works best).

Step 2.Take fruits you or your children like the most, mango, citrus Limetta and one apple.

Step 3. Peel the fruits.

Step 4. cut the fruits to small parts.

Step 6. Take the ice cream, now it’s out of freezer, so it must be soft, by now.

Step 7. Press a serving spoon on the ice cream, it shall spread on plate.

Step 8.Now add the cut fruits in ice cream. Mix well the things.

Step 9.Keep for few minutes, this mix in fridge preferably in ice freezer. Remember well, to take it out to serve.

Step 10. Ready to serve.

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