My Quotes

It came out good – dressed up in greys and browns of the soil it engulfs.

Justice of speechless humans denied, is a insult to God himself.

Those who care only of their aspirations, at expense of others sacrifice are nothing but mean and selfish.

Mean and selfish people are most difficult to handle in long term certainly.

Such an art, a piece of beauty forever, entrapped by paints by this canvas.

Small steps mark a beginning to great deeds

No-one’s looser, everyone does what he/she thinks is best, some like to do the things others call tough–which is a passion for them.

At times even more beautiful colors come and show lights in blue skies.

And a dark winter night glimmered by moonlight.

Give the mean people what they want, they shall be happy, stop it they shall cry and ask for your rights they shall make excuses!

When someone is giving you their time, what are you giving them back in return ?

My Wisdom Shared

Happy New Year ! Welcome 2022! New Year Note for All !