Veggie-Kidney Beans Cutlets for Burgers

And Its Tasty Step 1. Take a bowl of kidney beans, wash and dip in water in a vessel for 6-7 hours. Step 2. After 6-7 hours throw the water, clean it again. And then put these soaked kidney beans in pressure cooker, with equal amount of water. lesser can burn and spoil the beans.Continue reading “Veggie-Kidney Beans Cutlets for Burgers”

Split chickpeas Snacks

Here are great snacks for any occasion and full of proteins and nutrition. Have a look at what I am telling you the recipe of: Take oil as per taste in frying pan. Heat it till you can see mild heat waves. 2. Add Asafoetida (a small pinch), minced Ginger and Garlic in it. 3.Continue reading “Split chickpeas Snacks”

Milk Cream -Pepper Chicken Curry

Here is a sumptuous chicken curry to be taken with any bread at dinner. All you need is: (1) chicken (2) Fresh Milk Cream (3) Black Pepper (4) Salt and (5) 2 onions That is it! Step 1. Wash chicken and heat it in a pan. Step 2. In this time chop onions- I took 2Continue reading “Milk Cream -Pepper Chicken Curry”