Boiled Eggs layered with Rice

Recipe for One! Ingredients: 1 cup of Rice, 2 eggs, tomatoes sauce, 1 onion If all three major things done together, it should not take more than 10-15 minutes Step 1. Take 1 cup of rice and boil it in same amount of water, in cooker, otherwise any other way to boil rice can beContinue reading “Boiled Eggs layered with Rice”

Boiled Egg & Mayo Noodles

Ingredients: 2-4 eggs, 2 tomatoes, 1 onion, garlic, ginger, black pepper to be added in end, oil, noodles of choice Recipe for One Step 1. Boil eggs Step 2. Take 2 tomatoes, one onion and coriander leaves, wash all but onions Step 3. pell onions and cut, chop tomatoes as well Step 4. Heat cookingContinue reading “Boiled Egg & Mayo Noodles”

Lemoned Vegetable noodle (Non-spicy, only salt used)

Here is a delicious recipe of Noodles, it’s not spicy, just salt is added, yet so delicious, just with one lemon. Recipe for One is here Ingredients: Vegetables you want to use, Noodles, Salt, Lemon, optionally ginger and garlic, fresh or paste I used fresh. Vegetables I used were one onion, one potato, two tomato,Continue reading “Lemoned Vegetable noodle (Non-spicy, only salt used)”

Mango Paste: When Mango paste is used as base for Fruit Salads

This is delicious and kind of mango as base for fruit salad. This is simple, when we can have Mayo based Salads, Then why not Mango Based Fruit salads? Recipe is simple. Ingredients: Mango, fruits Steps are mentioned below: Recipe of Mango Paste 1. Take mangoes, as many as you want to make it baseContinue reading “Mango Paste: When Mango paste is used as base for Fruit Salads”

Soupy Fried Vegetable Noodles

It’s delicious Ingredients: 1 capsicum, 1 onion, carrot, tomatoes and any other of your favourite vegetables, I was not in mood to add beans, in this, as it can make taste blant. Oil, 4 spoons, 1 knor hot and sour soup. I used this. You may try your combination. Recipe Step 1. Take raw vegetables,Continue reading “Soupy Fried Vegetable Noodles”

The Peach Colored iced drink of Ripe Mango & Pomegranate

This is a really refreshing ripe mango drink with a strong flavor of ripe Pomegranate and is highly iced. You can ice it as per your taste Ingredients for 1 glass of this iced drink: 1 ripe mango, 1 Pomegranate, Half bowl of ice, that is it, no sugar no salt. Simple. Step 1. TakeContinue reading “The Peach Colored iced drink of Ripe Mango & Pomegranate”

The Greeny Drink, Mint – Citrus Limetta Refreshing Sugar Free Drink

This is a recipe for high mint flavored ripe mango drink. It’s sugar free, tasty, refreshing and so very fresh. Ingredients: Handful of mint leaflets, One citrus Limetta , Salt, Ice. That is it! Recipe Step 1. Take one fresh Limetta and Hangul of fresh washed mint leafs. Step 2. Peel Limetta and Cut it.Continue reading “The Greeny Drink, Mint – Citrus Limetta Refreshing Sugar Free Drink”

Potato Fresh Veggies Salad & Fresh Toast for Meal

Recipe by, Nidhika Yadav It’s so yummy, so much fresh Ingredients: Two potatoes, fresh vegetables, I took, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, salt, red chili, onion Step 1. Take 2 potatoes and boil them, I cut it in two parts, for a quick boil. Step 2. Peel the potatoes, Step 3. Take some fresh veggies with you,Continue reading “Potato Fresh Veggies Salad & Fresh Toast for Meal”

Spicy Mushroom GreenPeas Mashup Salad

Here is spicy recipe for hot mushroom green peas #MashupSalad I am making mushrooms after long time, as no one in my home eats mushrooms much. It is for sure tough and really very time consuming to get the white of Mushroom. But is was all worth it. I don’t like to eat full mushrooms.Continue reading “Spicy Mushroom GreenPeas Mashup Salad”

10 minutes – Potatoes-Split Chickpeas MashUp Salad (oil free)

Ingredients: 4 potatoes, half bowl split chickpeas, red chilli, black pepper, salt. #MashupSalad No oil needed. Pulses are good for health, split chick peas not only add taste to this mashup potato salad, but also are high on proteins and very good for health. So this is a tasty nutritious thing. Step 1. Take 4Continue reading “10 minutes – Potatoes-Split Chickpeas MashUp Salad (oil free)”