Mashup Vegi Fruit Salad

Hi everyone, It’s time for a mashup salad, something mix of nutrients from both fruits and vegetables. Here is a quick mashup salad meal. Ingredients: 2 potatoes, one half onions, 1 apple, 1 pomegranate and 1 orange, some spices, I took salt and black pepper. Steps Step 1. Take the fruits and wash them. StepContinue reading “Mashup Vegi Fruit Salad”

Green Peas, potatoes, Boiled Rice – yum dish in 15 minutes

It’s simple, easy and super tasty all in 15 minutes. It’s delicious complete meal. Ingredients: 3/4 th bowl of rice, 3 scoop of green peas, one potato, salt and red chilli, 3 spoon of oil. That’s it. Step 1. Take 3/4 th bowl of rice, wash it well. Step 2. Take 3 scoop of greenContinue reading “Green Peas, potatoes, Boiled Rice – yum dish in 15 minutes”

Green Rice The Broccoli Rice.

Hi everyone, Here is recipe of green rice, that is Broccoli Rice. It’s simple and quick recipe and on the top that, it’s really delicious recipe. Here are the ingredients required as a meal for two. Ingredients: One Broccoli, half spoon black pepper, one fourth spoon raw red chilli or a replacement for same, salt,Continue reading “Green Rice The Broccoli Rice.”

The Green – Green Peas Cutlet

Hi All, This was the day I made salad and something was missing in salad, yes a cutlet. I was in mood to eat veg only, so, I thought to make green peas cutlets. Here is my recipe for green peas cutlets. On the top of that this is delicious and can be used in:Continue reading “The Green – Green Peas Cutlet”

Lemoned Vegetable noodle (Non-spicy, only salt used)

Here is a delicious recipe of Noodles, it’s not spicy, just salt is added, yet so delicious, just with one lemon. Recipe for One is here Ingredients: Vegetables you want to use, Noodles, Salt, Lemon, optionally ginger and garlic, fresh or paste I used fresh. Vegetables I used were one onion, one potato, two tomato,Continue reading “Lemoned Vegetable noodle (Non-spicy, only salt used)”

In 7 minutes – Cauliflower-Onion Spicy Hot Mashup-Salad

#Mashup-Salad Here is a Mashup Salad, not a fully cooked vegetable and not a pure very raw salad as well. Quick to make. Hot and Spicy in 7 minutes in all ~ Look cauliflower tastes good in salads raw, but why not have Hot Mashup Spicy Salads — I like processed tastes too! Its quickContinue reading “In 7 minutes – Cauliflower-Onion Spicy Hot Mashup-Salad”

Steam Heated Hot Broccoli Refined Flour Bun with STEAM HEATED VEGETABLES- Spicy!

Such a thing is  known as MowMows, though, I have never had Broccoli MowMows ever and never even heard of it ever before. Here is the receipt I made. A short recipe for this steaming hot treat. Given, I got a chance to have a Broccoli and I love it, so I tried something new–AContinue reading “Steam Heated Hot Broccoli Refined Flour Bun with STEAM HEATED VEGETABLES- Spicy!”

Steaming Hot Spicy Salad with Boiled Potatoes (Ginger Garlic Flavoured)

Here is my recipe for: Steaming Hot Spicy garlic-ginger flavoured Salad with 1-2 spoon of oil  – Why not at times hot salad in cold winter days ? Time Taken: 30 minutes ( given I made ginger garlic paste which took time, however you may be having your ginger garlic paste ready to reduce timeContinue reading “Steaming Hot Spicy Salad with Boiled Potatoes (Ginger Garlic Flavoured)”

Eggy Ladyfingers Snacks – 12 minutes Only

Ingredients: 100 grams ladyfinger, salt, green chili, 3 eggs, oil. That is it. Note you may change recipe a bit by frying the ladyfingers before mixing eggs. But this taste you wont get in that derivation of the dish. Step 1. Take 100 grams of ladyfinger, wash it and the cut them vertically after removingContinue reading “Eggy Ladyfingers Snacks – 12 minutes Only”