Vegetable Toast

Ingredients: Vegetables- carrot, cabbage and tomato, bread, oil, black pepper, salt Easy, nutritious, healthy and fast The steps are as follows. Step 1. Take vegetables- carrot, cabbage and tomato, wash it. Step 2. Cut the vegetables in small parts. Step 3. Take vegetable oil in pan. Step 4. Add black pepper in oil and thenContinue reading “Vegetable Toast”

Kidney Beans and Cottage Cheese Salad

Hi everyone, Here is a yum veg salad that really fills in stomach. Recipe for one person here. Ingredients: 1 cup of kidney beans, 80 grams of cottage cheese, 1 spoon of cooking oil. Step 1. Take 1 cup of kidney beans and soak it in water overnight or for 6-7 hours. After that changeContinue reading “Kidney Beans and Cottage Cheese Salad”

Try on Personalized Noodles, Here is Potato Capsicum Noodles

Hi everyone Here this weekend I bring to you recipe of potatoes and capsicum noodles. It’s delicious and different than conventional spaghetti or chowing. Here, I present the best combination of vegetables in noodles, chowming. in this post, it’s combination of capsicum and potatoes well tried by me. Ingredients: pepper, pasta sauce, Capsicum, potatoes, garlic,Continue reading “Try on Personalized Noodles, Here is Potato Capsicum Noodles”

Plain White Sauce Noodles

Hi Everyone, Here is recipe of plain white sauce noodles, it’s pain, simple yet saucy and ripe. Ingredients: 2 spoon butter, 2 cup milk, 2 spoon refined flour, raw noodles, seasoning as per taste, I used pizza seasoning. That is it. Recipe Step 1. Take frying pan and add 2 spoons of butter. Add 2Continue reading “Plain White Sauce Noodles”

Simple Pizza Sandwich – Quick Takeaway

Here is recipe for sandwich whose preparation looks like Pizza making, but it falls short of Pizza recipe for sure. Steps are given here, it is simple, fast to make, some bites do taste like naive Pizza. Ingredients: Bread, cheese slice, Pizza/Pasta Red Sauce, Pizza seasoning/origano, salt Step 1. Take bread slice. Let’s describe recipeContinue reading “Simple Pizza Sandwich – Quick Takeaway”

Cottage Cheese Lemon Marinated, Toast with Potatoes

Ingredients: 2 Potatoes, 1 tomato, 250 grams Cotton Cheese, 1 lemon, Black Pepper, optional, pasta seasoning to marinate cottage cheese. Hi Everyone, Lately I was too busy to post my recipe, today I found enough time to cook, cottage cheese, it’s very heavy. This is purely vegetarian dish and cottage cheese is heavy & proteinContinue reading “Cottage Cheese Lemon Marinated, Toast with Potatoes”

Mango Paste: When Mango paste is used as base for Fruit Salads

This is delicious and kind of mango as base for fruit salad. This is simple, when we can have Mayo based Salads, Then why not Mango Based Fruit salads? Recipe is simple. Ingredients: Mango, fruits Steps are mentioned below: Recipe of Mango Paste 1. Take mangoes, as many as you want to make it baseContinue reading “Mango Paste: When Mango paste is used as base for Fruit Salads”

All in Only 10 minutes – Hot Spicy stuffed Patty Puffs with what you want in it! Stuff Your Own and Any Fillings! Veg, Non-veg or Pulses.

Try Out Your Lentils, Chickpeas or Un-cooked or cooked Veggies for you INSIDE Own Customised Puffs! Make your Own Hot Patty Puffs! It has no Baking Powder! It is Fresh! Ingredients: 1 bowl of refined wheat flour, Oil for deep frying – 2 bowls (this shall be all not used, just a dip in oilContinue reading “All in Only 10 minutes – Hot Spicy stuffed Patty Puffs with what you want in it! Stuff Your Own and Any Fillings! Veg, Non-veg or Pulses.”

Broccoli Toast in 5 minutes – Steaming Hot Toast – Green and Nutritious

Broccoli Toast in 5 minutes – Steaming Hot, Don’t you have 5 minutes only for this ? Here is my recipe for stemming hot Broccoli Toast all in 5 minutes – all in 5 minutes only. And Broccoli never tasted better ! And good news is you need no sauce with it-No Sauce needed withContinue reading “Broccoli Toast in 5 minutes – Steaming Hot Toast – Green and Nutritious”