Green Rice The Broccoli Rice.

Hi everyone, Here is recipe of green rice, that is Broccoli Rice. It’s simple and quick recipe and on the top that, it’s really delicious recipe. Here are the ingredients required as a meal for two. Ingredients: One Broccoli, half spoon black pepper, one fourth spoon raw red chilli or a replacement for same, salt,Continue reading “Green Rice The Broccoli Rice.”

Vegetable Toast

Ingredients: Vegetables- carrot, cabbage and tomato, bread, oil, black pepper, salt Easy, nutritious, healthy and fast The steps are as follows. Step 1. Take vegetables- carrot, cabbage and tomato, wash it. Step 2. Cut the vegetables in small parts. Step 3. Take vegetable oil in pan. Step 4. Add black pepper in oil and thenContinue reading “Vegetable Toast”

Egg Toast- Very Quick, Very Simple and Very Yummy Complete Meal

Hi, Want to eat something very simple, very quick and very tasty then read this. It would just take 10 minutes to add both deliciousness, flavour and something to fill the stomach as a meal. Yes not for everyday, but, for sure, at rare times when time is less. The ingredients needed are as followsContinue reading “Egg Toast- Very Quick, Very Simple and Very Yummy Complete Meal”

The Green – Green Peas Cutlet

Hi All, This was the day I made salad and something was missing in salad, yes a cutlet. I was in mood to eat veg only, so, I thought to make green peas cutlets. Here is my recipe for green peas cutlets. On the top of that this is delicious and can be used in:Continue reading “The Green – Green Peas Cutlet”

Garbanzos (Chickpeas) Hot Salad

Here is unique recipe of Garbanzos(chickpeas) served and had hot. Recipe for two is given here. Have it hot, if possible. Ingredients: 2 cup chickpeas, 1 handful of green peas, 1 potatoes, one green capsicum, stands of oranges, 1 onion, black pepper and salt. Here is beautiful recipe for this hot salad. Step 1. TakeContinue reading “Garbanzos (Chickpeas) Hot Salad”

Cottage Cheese with White Sauce

Here is cottage cheese with white sauce juicy kinda dish. Enjoy it hot or with rice/breads. Ingredients Needed: 120 grams Cottage Cheese, 1 spoon butter, 2 spoon refined flour, black pepper and salt for taste, 1.5 glass milk. Here are the steps, recipe for two people, Step 1. Take around 120 grams of cottage cheeseContinue reading “Cottage Cheese with White Sauce”

Kidney Beans and Cottage Cheese Salad

Hi everyone, Here is a yum veg salad that really fills in stomach. Recipe for one person here. Ingredients: 1 cup of kidney beans, 80 grams of cottage cheese, 1 spoon of cooking oil. Step 1. Take 1 cup of kidney beans and soak it in water overnight or for 6-7 hours. After that changeContinue reading “Kidney Beans and Cottage Cheese Salad”

Radish-CottageCheese Toast

Here is recipe for one toast double it up for more toasts. Ingredients: 1 serving spoon oil, cottage cheese, radish one bowl, bread, Here are steps. Step 1. Take half white radish, and 100 gram of cottage cheese. Grate radish and squeeze out water from it. Cut cottage cheese in very small cubicals. Add someContinue reading “Radish-CottageCheese Toast”

Veg Fried Rice in 10 minutes

Hi everyone, Here is my recipe of veg fried rice. Ingredients: Already boiled rice , 1 carrot, 1 capsicum, 1 onion, 1 tomato, garlic and ginger, black pepper and salt Recipe Step 1. Take vegetables, 1 carrot, 1 capsicum, 1 onion, 1 tomato, garlic and ginger, wash them. Step 2. Cut ginger and garlic inContinue reading “Veg Fried Rice in 10 minutes”