Eggy Semolina Bread – Spicy

Semolina is also called granulated wheat or suji ! Ingredients: Semolina – 1 cup, 2 eggs, 2 spoon oil. That is it. Step 1. Semolina 1 cup. Heat it in a pan- put spices in it and optionally 1 spoon of butter. Add salt and chili and spices you have ready at hand. I addedContinue reading “Eggy Semolina Bread – Spicy”

Healthy Delicious — Brown Lentil Snacks

recipe 1.Take 1.5 bowl of brown lentils and wash it in water. Keep it soaked in water for around 15 minutes. 2.Chop onion into small fragments. 3. Heat 2 spoon of oil in a frying pan/ 4. Put chopped onions in pan once oil is heated. 5. Let onions change it color and then putContinue reading “Healthy Delicious — Brown Lentil Snacks”

Turmeric Basa Fish Fry-In 10 minutes

All you need–Salt, turmeric, oil and fish—-THAT IS IT! Step 1. Take ONE fish – Basa- Its very soft-Wash it and cut it in pieces of size and design you want on serving plate. I made rectangles- You can try any design–Be creative! Step 2. Put 2 spoon of turmeric and 3/4th spoon of salt.Continue reading “Turmeric Basa Fish Fry-In 10 minutes”

Milk Cream -Pepper Chicken Curry

Here is a sumptuous chicken curry to be taken with any bread at dinner. All you need is: (1) chicken (2) Fresh Milk Cream (3) Black Pepper (4) Salt and (5) 2 onions That is it! Step 1. Wash chicken and heat it in a pan. Step 2. In this time chop onions- I took 2Continue reading “Milk Cream -Pepper Chicken Curry”

Pepper Chicken Fry Curry

The specialty of this delicious chicken curry is that it is tempered with black pepper. Have a look! Ingredients: Black Pepper, Chicken raw pieces, Salt, Tomatoes, Onions. That is it. Rest is all optional—Spices, you can add as I mentioned here. But without it too it taste good and with spices it tastes well !Continue reading “Pepper Chicken Fry Curry”

Fat free delicious chicken for Saturday

Here I shall tell what I made for Saturday, a tasty, simple, spicy dish from chicken and all you need is, chicken, salt, black pepper to minimum. And if you have more spices such as cinnamon, cardamom (black and green), bay leaves, then even better taste. I used all these! Here is how it looks,Continue reading “Fat free delicious chicken for Saturday”

Onion-Asafoetida-Ginger Chicken Snacks

Roasted Chicken is lot popular than what I am writing here today. Its onion chicken snacks! Another way to have chicken as a starter–Tasty and handy to make and eat—As Snacks! First the recipe, then other things! Heat water and put the frozen chicken in water. (6 leg piece recipe here). Put 3 table spoonContinue reading “Onion-Asafoetida-Ginger Chicken Snacks”

Green Eggy Lunch

Green Eggy Lunch- In 10 minutes Ingredients: Green Spinach Leaves OR Green FENUGREEK Leaves- Fresh , 1 Potato, 1 green chilli, salt, oil, 3 eggs Have carbs, proteins, fresh green vegetables, what else one needs ? Caution: It uses 8 spoon of oil. Unless you choose to boil it and reduce the oil requirements— Yes youContinue reading “Green Eggy Lunch”