Mango Paste: When Mango paste is used as base for Fruit Salads

This is delicious and kind of mango as base for fruit salad. This is simple, when we can have Mayo based Salads, Then why not Mango Based Fruit salads? Recipe is simple. Ingredients: Mango, fruits Steps are mentioned below: Recipe of Mango Paste 1. Take mangoes, as many as you want to make it baseContinue reading “Mango Paste: When Mango paste is used as base for Fruit Salads”

Ripe Yellow Mango and Fresh Mint Iced Drink

All you need is one mango, hand full of green mint leaves (fresh), sugar and cold water, ice for 4 glasses full of yummy drink ! That is it, ready to beat summer heat! Serves well to 4! Its not thick, but superfine and density like a lemonade, tastes awesome fresh and rejuvenating. No saltContinue reading “Ripe Yellow Mango and Fresh Mint Iced Drink”