Ripe Yellow Mango and Fresh Mint Iced Drink

All you need is one mango, hand full of green mint leaves (fresh), sugar and cold water, ice for 4 glasses full of yummy drink ! That is it, ready to beat summer heat!

Serves well to 4! Its not thick, but superfine and density like a lemonade, tastes awesome fresh and rejuvenating. No salt just sweet taste in it!



Step 1. Peel one mango and cut it in large pieces.

Step 2. Put it in mixer-grinder and 4 spoon of sugar with it in mixer. Mix it for 1 minute till all mangoes are in paste form.

Step 3. Wash a handful of fresh green mint leaves.

Step 4. Put this in mixer-grinder with mango paste and mix it for one more minute. Till all of it blend well in the paste.

Step 5. Put one glass of water in mixer-grinder and mix it for another 1 minutes.

Step 6. Empty it in a dish and put 3 more glasses of water in this dish.

Drink is ready! Put ICE and it Serves well to 4! Its not thick, but superfine, tastes awesome fresh and rejuvenating.

Published by Nidhika

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