Hot Fruit Rice

Delicious hot Fruit Rice

Hi everyone,

Here is recipe for one.

Ingredients: 1 apple, 1 orange, half promenade, few grapes, salt, black pepper, 1 spoon of grated fresh coconut and half cup of rice

Step 1. Take half cup of rice wash it well. Put it in cooker with almost same amount of water, ie little more than half cup in this case. You can use other ways of boiling rice as well. I find this convenient. Let it whistle, after one whistle close the heat for cooker.

Step 2. While rice is being boiled let’s cut fruits in meantime.

Choose the available fruits, I took 1 apple, 1 orange, half promenade, few grapes, 1 spoon of grated fresh coconut. Wash the fruits.

Step 3. Peel the fruits and cut them. See the way of cutting orange, it’s easy to remove seeds from orange this way. Cut apples in fine parts too. Slice grapes in two, this is optional.

Step 4. open the cooker by now, rice would be very hot by now.

Step 5. Take it out in a bowl.

Step 6. Add salt one half tea spoon and black pepper one tea spoon. Put fruits on top of rice in bowl.

Step 7. Mix well so that fruit and rice are wrapped in spice that is black pepper.

Step 8. It’s ready to serve. Have it hot.

Enjoy the meal, hot, it feels good on cooling down too. Optionally sprinkle some lemon on it at random parts of plate for sour and sweet flavour.

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