Fruit Curd Rice

Plain and simple. This dish is delicious, cool and soothing. It is spicy as well, as we used black pepper. Refreshing as fruits and curds make it so. Try using freshly boiled rice for best taste. To the best of my knowledge there was no such dish I ate before. Take care and have happy time.

Hi everyone,

On the special week here, I present a nice recipe I designed. It’s quick, simple and tasty.

The ingredients are as follows:

Fruits, 1 orange, a branch of grapes, one apple of medium size, one pomegranate, 200 gram curd, and half cup of rice.

Recipe is as follows:

Step 1. wash the fruits and cut them. For pomegranate peel it.

Step 2. For grapes cut then vertically and for oranges, cut orange horizontally so that seeds can be taken out easily and the it can be spread in parts comfortably.

Step 3. Boil rice in cooker with equal water to equal rice, that is half bowl of water for half bowl of rice. I cook it in cooker. For two whistles. Here it’s ready boiled in cooker.

Step 4. Put rice in mixing bowl

Step 5. Add half teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of black pepper and then add fruits as per taste.

Step 6. Mix well and add curd.

Step 7. Mix well and the dish is ready and delicious to taste and look at.

Step 8. Time to serve.

Delicious, wish you enjoy.

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