Fried Brinjal

Hi Everyone,

There are times we want to try delicious veg dish which is somewhat different, not routine in a way. Here comes brinjal fry. It tastes yum and can be taken with any bread or even taco. Here is recipe for 2.

Ingredients: 1 big brinjal, 3 normal sized onions, few flakes of garlic, 1 tomato, black pepper and salt and off course cooking vegetable oil.

Steps are as follows:

Step 1. Take 1 big brinjal and wash it, pat it dry. You can take small brinjal too, just not too small, else it would be difficult to take the interior of brinjal.

Step 2. Take a knife and prick the brinjal at several parts all over. This step makes sure heat is reached uniformly to inside of brinjal. After this heat the brinjal on full gas.

Step 3. Keep moving the area in front of gas heat. That is keep changing brinjal sides.

Step 4. After 3 to 4 minutes the skin of brinjal will start to tear off. Take it off the gas and put it in a large bowl half filled with water. With a knife start peeling off the outer cover.

Step 5. Remove old bowl, wash under tap in new bowl. We need to clean it well as we can’t eat the burnt cover. It should be cleaned well.

Step 6. Take the clean brinjal on plate and cut it in two parts then in very small parts.

Step 7. This is how it looks like, small fragments, which are soft as heat penetrate inside brinjal in step 3.

Step 8. Take 3 onions and 1 tomato, 5-6 garlic flakes and spout them in small parts.

Step 9. Take a large frying pan, and pour 5-6 spoons of vegetables oil in it. Heat it add, cut onion into pan, let it heat for 2 minutes and then add tomatoes and garlic. Then add cut brinjal in the pan.

Step 10. Mix it well. Add black pepper and salt in it as per taste.

Step 11. Add half tea spoon of turmeric powder. Keep mixing the pan, so that it does not stick to base of pan. Mix for 2-3 minutes on high flame. And press often the big parts that seem uncooked.

Step 12. That’s it, it’s ready to be served with many kinds of breads.

And it’s delicious

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