Try on Personalized Noodles, Here is Potato Capsicum Noodles

Hi everyone

Here this weekend I bring to you recipe of potatoes and capsicum noodles. It’s delicious and different than conventional spaghetti or chowing.

Here, I present the best combination of vegetables in noodles, chowming. in this post, it’s combination of capsicum and potatoes well tried by me.

Ingredients: pepper, pasta sauce, Capsicum, potatoes, garlic, oil, onion

Step 1. cut in small size potatoe, capsicum, onion and 2 strands of garlic

Step 2. Start to heat noodles in separate vessel, and on frying pan heat 2 spoon of oil, till it is ready

Step 3. Once oil is ready, close lid of gas and add garlic and onion.

Step 4. Right after add chopped potatoes and capsicum in frying pan, keep mixing,

Step 5. Keep mixing and add salt and pepper to taste.

Step 6. The potatoes must be like soft by now. Add 1 cup of water and heat well. Add pasta sauce in this mix now. Pasta souse have soya bean oil and garlic paste.

Step 7. Mix well and add noodles when water dries out.

Step 8. Mix well, noodles is ready to serve.

Published by Nidhika

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