Rose Ice-cream Pudding

Hi everyone, here is a quick delicious pudding of rose, see if rose suits you.

Note: see if ingredients suits you, only then make it.

Ingredients: Vanilla ice-cream 1 scoop, 1 spoon of sweetened rose preserve, That is it.

It requires sweetened rose preserve, for this you can create it fresh as in my articles, or take it from market. You can also make and preserve it, as in some of my previous articles. But all to see if it suits you.

It is Quick and nice to have. Here is 10 minutes recipe.

Step 1. Take 1 scoop of frozen vanilla ice cream

Step 2. With a serving soon break this ice cream as we want to mix in it rose preserve.

Step 3. Add one spoon full of rose preserve in this ice cream.

Step 4. Mix well ice cream and rose preserve

Step 5. Put this in ice cream mould and place it in freezer for 5 minutes or as per your liking of condensed hard taste or mild pudding taste.

It’s ready to serve after freezer time

It’s ready to serve

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