Cutlet Vegi-Fruity Taste

Here, is a receipt of vegi fruit based cutlet.

Ingredients: 2 potatoes, one half onions, 1 apple, 1 pomegranate and 1 orange, some spices, I took salt, black pepper and oil.

Step 1. Prepare the mixture for cutlet, as in the blog,

Step 2. Make cutlets with these ingredients by adding some maize flour.

Make sure potatoes are more and maize flour is more than fruits, as fruits have high water content, so it may hamper the taste and cooking as well.

Step 3. Put oil on pan, heat it and put the cutlet to heat.

Step 4. Turn side, do same for other cutlet.

Step 5. it’s ready to serve

It’s soft and different in taste.

Enjoy it hot!

Published by Nidhika

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