Green Peas, potatoes, Boiled Rice – yum dish in 15 minutes

It’s simple, easy and super tasty all in 15 minutes.

It’s delicious complete meal.

Ingredients: 3/4 th bowl of rice, 3 scoop of green peas, one potato, salt and red chilli, 3 spoon of oil. That’s it.

Step 1. Take 3/4 th bowl of rice, wash it well.

Step 2. Take 3 scoop of green peas and 1 potato, wash them as well.

Step 3. Cut potatoes in small parts.

Step 4. Add 3 spoon of oil in a pressure cooker.

Step 5. Add rice and potatoes and green peas in the cooker. Add salt, 1 small tea spoon and red chilli, one half of small tea spoon., or as per taste.

Step 5. Add water to cooker now, add 1 bowl of water. If you had to make plain rice water should be exactly same as rice. Here potato was there so water was little extra. Use same bowl for measurements.

Step 6. Close the lid of pressure cooker and wait for whistle. In two whistle close the gas heat. It would be in less than 5 minutes.

Step 7. Wait for steam to come out of cooker. Else the things would taste as good. Once the stream is out, you can open the cooker. Here is how mine looked like.

Step 8. Mix it evenly. It’s ready to serve.

And it’s delicious complete meal.

Published by Nidhika

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