Green Rice The Broccoli Rice.

Hi everyone,

Here is recipe of green rice, that is Broccoli Rice. It’s simple and quick recipe and on the top that, it’s really delicious recipe.

Here are the ingredients required as a meal for two.

Ingredients: One Broccoli, half spoon black pepper, one fourth spoon raw red chilli or a replacement for same, salt, 3 spoon vegetable oil for cooking.

That’s it. Now here are the steps for delicious veg meal.

Step 1. Take one broccoli and wash it.

Step 2. Take one cup of rice, clean it with repeated washing and then boil it. I used one whistle of pressure cooker with same amount of water. You can boil it in any way you like.

Step 3. Grate Broccoli flower with the grater. Here it looks like this now.

See the flower should be grated small, it looks like this then.

Step 4. Take 4 spoon of cooking oil of your choice. Add black pepper to it.

Step 5. Add red chilli to pan and then add grated broccoli right then. Don’t wait as red chilli in oil can irritate the throat, be careful else add red chilli at end.

Step 6. Add 1 small spoon of salt in pan. Keep moving the broccoli in pan for 1 minute. You ll soon see broccoli reducing some volume and that’s it. Close gas lid then.

Step 7. Add boiled rice in pan now, switch on the gas then.

Step 8. Keep mixing it. And it’s ready when mixed well. Here is the green rice ready in 15 minutes total.

Ready to serve.

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