White Sauce Noodles with Vegetables

Hi everyone,

How are you? I am back with a new recipe of white sauce based veggies noodles. Do Try This, if milk & ingredients suits you.

Here is quick recipe

Ingredients: Vegetables- 1 capsicum, 1 onion, 1 tomatoe, one cubic inch ginger, 4 strands of garlic, 2 cup toned milk, 1.5 spoon of butter, 2 spoon of refined flour also called Maida, Dry Noodles, 1 spoon of oil.

Here are step by step guide.

Step 1. Take vegetables

Step 2. Wash all the vegetables take ginger and garlic as well. Take the following: 1 capsicum, 1 onion, 1 tomatoe, one cubic inch ginger, 4 strands of garlic

Step 3. Cut the vegetables in small pieces

Step 4. Mince ginger and garlic

Step 5. Put 1 spoon of oil in frying pan.

Step 6. Heat 1 spoon of oil and put vegetables in the heated pan. Head for 2 minutes on full mode and close the gas lid. This would be heated for 30 seconds when mixing in the noodles.

Step 7. Tale 2 spoon of refined flour and 1.5 spoon of butter. Typically this ratio is 2 spoon of flour and 2 spoon of butter.

Step 8. Take frying pan and put this butter on it.

Step 9. in heated butter put 2 spoon of refined flour and keep mixing and shaking it well. Do it till it is baked to light brown in color.

Step 10. Add 1 cup of milk in it and mix well from a big spatula. Make sure all knots are opened up. After this some milk would condense, add another cup of milk after that shake well.

Step 11. While starting all this, heat some noodles to mix in it, now is the time to add boiled noodles in white cream mixture.

Step 12. Put heated noodles and heated veggies in white cream.

Step 13. Add salt and optionally pizza seasoning on top of it. It’s ready to be served.

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