Cottage Cheese Lemon Marinated, Toast with Potatoes

Ingredients: 2 Potatoes, 1 tomato, 250 grams Cotton Cheese, 1 lemon, Black Pepper, optional, pasta seasoning to marinate cottage cheese.

Hi Everyone,

Lately I was too busy to post my recipe, today I found enough time to cook, cottage cheese, it’s very heavy. This is purely vegetarian dish and cottage cheese is heavy & protein rich try with caution.

Here is the recipe, have it warm or more,

Because of lemon marination, it is juicy and because of tomatoes in potatoes frying we need lessor oil to cook and soften potatoes.

Step 1. Take 250 gram of cottage cheese, fresh and wash it.

Step 2. Cut cottage cheese vertically to form big pieces.

Step 3. Take a lemon, squeeze lemon on the cottage cheese slices. Then put on sprinkles of black pepper, salt, red chili flakes and some pasta flavorings,

Step 4. Keep it aside,

Step 5. Take 2 potatoes, peel them and cut them vertically in same shape as cottage cheese.

Step 6. Take a pan, heat 3 table spoon of oil in pan, heat oil and close the stove after that.

Step 7. Add potatoes in pan, mix the cut potatoes in the pan.

Step 8. Take the tomato and cut it in thin vertical parts.

Step 9. Put these tomatoes in frying pan, the reason you add tomatoes is it is watery and lessor oil shall be used to make potatoes soft, apart from adding tomatoes flavor. Tomatoes have water content, so try on closed stove. Switch on stove once all pieces of tomatoes as in pan.

Step 10. Switch on gas, keep mixing, all this white cottage cheese is in marination.

Step 11. In 2-3 minutes, potatoes shall be soft, you can use a fork to test it. Take it to a plate.

Step 12. Take a frying pan and put 2 spoon of oil. Heat oil and close stove, take marinated cottage cheese one by one and put it on pan, after putting pieces, switch on gas stove, so that no oil spills around, this is because cottage cheese have lemon water in it, and heated oil can sprout out unless careful.

Step 13. Flip sides, be careful of hot oil, keep flame slow, be very careful, this is because we used lemon to marinate.

Step 14.Ready to serve, please decorate potatoes and cottage cheese in nice way on serving plate. Other seasonings can be served alongside.

Here it is:

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