Simple Pizza Sandwich – Quick Takeaway

Here is recipe for sandwich whose preparation looks like Pizza making, but it falls short of Pizza recipe for sure.

Steps are given here, it is simple, fast to make, some bites do taste like naive Pizza.

Ingredients: Bread, cheese slice, Pizza/Pasta Red Sauce, Pizza seasoning/origano, salt

Step 1. Take bread slice. Let’s describe recipe with two breads.

Step 2. Apply Pizza Sauce on both the breads.

Step 3. Apply cheese on bread side which have sauce spread on it.

Step 4. Sprinkle pizza seasoning or oregano with salt (one pinch) on top of it.

Step 5. Heat it for 30 sec in Microwave or till cheese is melted.

Step 6. Now, it’s ready, do the same to other bread without wasting time.

Step 7. Put one bread over another and serve hot, as we all know cheese taste best when warm or heated.

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