Boiled Eggs layered with Rice

Recipe for One!

Ingredients: 1 cup of Rice, 2 eggs, tomatoes sauce, 1 onion

If all three major things done together, it should not take more than 10-15 minutes

Step 1. Take 1 cup of rice and boil it in same amount of water, in cooker, otherwise any other way to boil rice can be applied

Step 2. Chop the onions into long slices

Step 3. Fry the onion, with some oil on a frying pan

Step 4. When fried well, stop the gas

Step 5. Boil eggs simultaneously while boiling the rice. In 10 minutes it was done, along with other tasks, cut the eggs in circular slices.

Step 6. Make a layer of boiled rice on plate

Step 7. Make next layer of onions

Step 8. Put the layer of sliced boiled eggs then.

Step 9. On this layer sprinkle pinch of salt, then tomatoes sauce.

Step 10. Cover the stuff with another layer of boiled rice.

Step 11. It’s ready to serve – Sliced boiled Egg layer on Rice

Published by Nidhika

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