In 7 minutes – Cauliflower-Onion Spicy Hot Mashup-Salad


Here is a Mashup Salad, not a fully cooked vegetable and not a pure very raw salad as well. Quick to make. Hot and Spicy in 7 minutes in all ~ Look cauliflower tastes good in salads raw, but why not have Hot Mashup Spicy Salads — I like processed tastes too! Its quick and super tasty! One spoon of oil can add lot of taste to raw vegetables. Really! Worth Trying! 7 minutes only!

Ingredients: 1 fresh cauliflower, 2 onion, 2 raw red chilis, black pepper, salt, 1 spoon of oil.

Note: Cauliflower vegetable mix is made with special ways in a more comprehensive way in parts of Asia, in various ways in India too.

However, this Mashup Salad is a quicker thing and done use comprehensive cooking as in meals used in parts of Asia.

Step 1.  Take one fresh cauliflower of medium size and two onions

Step 2. Cut the cauliflower in 2 part and then in another two parts. And then again in vertical directions. 

Step 3. Now cut these horizontally, it shall be chopped in small parts. In case you have a chopper, grinder or grater, you can use these for quicker chopping.

Step 4. Cut the onions in two parts, then cut in vertically. Then horizontally—–it shall chop in really small parts, and nice shapes.

Step 5. Put one spoon of oil in frying pan.

Step 6. Heat the oil and spread it in pan.

Step 7.  Put the chopped onions in pan now. Heat it on slow flame and keep on moving it with spatula till its light golden in colour.

Step 8. Now, put the cut cauliflower in pan now. Keep mixing with spatula. 

Step 9. Take 2 raw red chilli, cut as much as you like for taste – as much chilli you like this Mashup-Salad to be. Cut it with small scissors.

Step 10. Put these cut chilli flakes, I took 3, and take  black pepper and salt. Add these in pan now.

Step 11. Keep moving. The size of cauliflower in pan shall shrink to half and lesser. Keep moving. No water to be added. Here it is ready now. See the leaves have softened now.

Here it’s ready to serve for meal.

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