Spicy Rice Porridge in 15 Minutes – With Fresh Rice, Chicken Flavoured here, you can have any flavour, may be Mexican flavour.

Ingredient: 1 bowl of rice, any ready soup (I took 1 full chicken Soup packet), red chilli, black pepper and salt. That is it.

It tastes well when made with Mexican Tomato Soup as well.

It is simple and delicious.

Step 1. Take one bowl of rice

Step 2. Wash it well in water, several times, till all dirt is out.

Step 3. Take off the water and put the wet rice in mixture grinder to be grinded.

Step 4. Grind it well, add more water to make it more refined. Choose the level of coarseness you need in your porridge; I choose to make it fully grinded. However, its your choice how fine grained you want it to be.  

Now add this to a frying pan, and add the soup of your choice, I added corn chicken soup. Note if you are using ready made soup to make rice porridge, then it may stick at pan, either be ready to wash the pan hard way, or else add it at end, however the best taste is adding at start.

If you add in end, you would be saved from constantly moving the spatula. To make the best taste, if you add the ready-made soup in beginning, such as Chicken Soup, then, mix it continuously – just 10 minutes. You can add your own home made soup in it as well, for even better results and less of mess in cleaning the pan. Reason is the ready soups stick to pan when over heated, hence try on your own soups, or add it at end, but adding in end won’t help in marinating effect of the soup on rice porridge.

Step 5. Keep moving, in case you using chicken soup, add red chilli, cut with scissors, black pepper and salt. If you are using Mexican Tomato soup, for example, then you don’t need to add any of these spices. See which soup you add in Porridge. Keep mixing to avoid lumps.

Now, it is ready, water has dried out and rice is cooked and it is well marinated in the soup flavourful choose for the version of porridge. Here it is hot and ready to serve.

Published by Nidhika

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