Radish Steaming Hot Toast Meal All in 5 minutes

Radish Steaming Hot Toast Meal in 5 minutes

Here is a delicious quick meal – radish hot a toast all in just 5 minutes. Even those who don’t cook would love to cook after reading this! No! 5 minutes for deliciousness and nutrition ? 


Here are the steps

1.       Take a fresh radish and peel it off, this is a season of radish! Clean the grater to grate the radish.

2.       Grate the radish.

3.       Squeeze the water out of radish with hands. I grated one radish – and got 2 spoon of radish water out of it, and I drank it, it is your choice, you can dispose it off as well.

4.       Take red chilli -two pinch, and 1/8th of black pepper and 1/8th spoon of salt and add it to grated radish. Optionally add some coriander leaves.

5. Mix these spices in grated and squeezed radish well. Taste if you like high chilies, salt, then add this way.

6.       Take a bread and cover it with this stuffing.

7.       Now put another bread on top of it.

8.       Heat some butter or vegetable oil as per likings and spread it on the pan.

9.       Put with gentle care the bread with stuffing’s on pan—Hold with both hands else the radish can fall out.

10.   Now, keep stove flame on low, heat it- purpose is to heat the radish well so that it tastes well with bread. 1 minute.

11.   Take a spatula or a tong and flip the sides of the toast, it is ok if few strands of radish falls out, try to be careful, this is the only step to be cautious of !

12.   Keep flame low. Let it cook for another 1 minute, keep checking the sides of bread it should not be darker shade of brown, if you are new to cooking.

13.   Now, take a steal flat and long  bowl or another small pan, to press this toast on the frying pan on which it is heating.

14.   Press it at corners now. All around press it well, now the toast is sticked well with the other side and the radish cannot come out.

15.   Flip the side with no extra care and press it around too.

16.   Do the same for other 2 pieces of bread as well.

17.   Now keep the flame on low flame – I kept it on sim.

18.   And heat the first toast as well, flip sides

19.   Time to take the two on plate

20.   Now cut it in half, wonderful toast that taste awesome is ready.

Put the cut parts over one another, you now have 4 layers of bread in each part stuffed with hot radish with flavour

In case while doing all this this toast gets cold make sure, to put it in microwave for few seconds only. And have it steaming hot. It is so tasty needs no sauce of any kind.

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