Cauliflower Sandwich – In 5 minute – Super Delicious and Nutritious

Here is a recipe of Cauliflower Sandwich. This is much easier to make than any other sandwich you may have taken. All in 5 minutes only !

Ingredients: 1 cauliflower, salt, red chili, half spoon of butter, 3 bread slice and optionally — one green chili and some coriander leaves.

Step 1. Take the cauliflower and wash it well.

Step 2. Peel of any black parts on top of cauliflower.

Step 3. Grate this cauliflower with a grater.

Step 4. This is optional step – take one green chili and some coriander leaves, cut them small and mix it well.

Step 5. Add one fourth spoon of salt and one fourth spoon of red chili – This is best way to add salt and chili, for those who don’t cook regularly.

Step 6. Now taste the mixture, cauliflower can be eaten, like this, taste, and check if you need more salt or more chili in it. I wanted more chili in it, hence added another one-fourth spoon of red chili in the mixture.

Step 7. Mix well so that these spices is consistent in the mixture.

Step 8. Take 2 breads slices now and mix two raw bread slices in this mixture – Reason is cauliflower have water content and if you don’t mix it with bread slices the sandwich shall get moist and wont taste best. Break the bread, the bread can be warmed in microwave to soften it, or mash 2 bread in this mixture as it is.

Mix well!

Step 9. Now, the stuffing’s are ready, take another bread slice and stuff this on top of this bread.

Step 10. See the breads were mashed so well in this cauliflower mixture that it does not differentiate. See how it looks here.

Step 11. Take half spoon of butter and heat it on frying pan.

Step 12. Make sure the heated butter covers whole pan, and spread it around the pan, add more butter is you pan is not fully layered with butter lining.

{This is needed so that it does not stick to the pan]

Step 13. Put the stuffed bread slice in the pan.

Step 14. Press it with a spatula, take the bread on spatula to see if the other side is well cooked or not.

You may optionally cover it with the glass lid of the pan and let it heat on slow temperature. However, I didn’t had the lid of the pan, so I made a quick one with this pan.

Step 15. Take it off on a plate and cut it diagonally with a knife, now it is crispy shall cut straight.

Step 16. Cover one slice over other. This is how this delicious toast looks like.

Step 17. Cut it again in two parts and heat it in microwave for 3 seconds. Steaming hot toast is ready!

Heat it in microwave for 3 seconds when ready to consume, as it shall be fully steaming hot then.

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