The Green – Green Peas Cutlet

Hi All,

This was the day I made salad and something was missing in salad, yes a cutlet. I was in mood to eat veg only, so, I thought to make green peas cutlets. Here is my recipe for green peas cutlets. On the top of that this is delicious and can be used in:

1. Bread cutlet
2. Burger cutlet
3. Salad cutlet
4. As snacks

Here is the recipe for you, it’s a recipe for 2 and ingredients are as follow:

Ingredients: 1 cup green peas, 1 potato, black pepper, optional some raw red chilli, maize flour- 2 spoons, oil, salt


Step 1. Take 1 potato and 1 cup of green peas.

Step 2. Wash green peas and cut the potatoes in small parts.

Step 3. Boil it in one whistle of a pressure cooker, you can try your technique of boiling too. I choose pressure cooker as it will be ultra soft to mash it for cutlet.

Step 4. Take water out and put the peas and potatoes in through a swivel in a bowl. Add salt and black pepper, some red raw chilli, if you like, this is optional.

Step 5. Mash it well

Step 6. Add about 2 spoon of maize flour.

Step 7. Mix it well. Mixture should be not very soft neither very hard, add maize flour accordingly.

Step 8. Make small cutlets with hands from this mixture

Step 9. Add oil to frying pan and put the uncooked cutlets on pan one by one, flip sides two times, then let it heat on low flame. The oil should be enough to provide deep frying.

Step 10. After flipping sides several times, the cutlet is ready to serve.

Here it is, for bread or burgers or with even salads. Happy Mealing everyone.

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