Plain simple cake in microwave

Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing well in winters. Stay warm!

Here, I have for you the recipe of how I make simple cake in microwave as I don’t have an oven.

Let’s start,

Ingredients: refined flour, refined oil, sugar, milk, 2 eggs

The steps are simple, here they are:

Step 1. Take 2 cups of refined flour, Half spoon of baking powder, and mix it in a pan.

Step 2. Now, after mixing these add 2 eggs, 1 cup of refined oil, and in same cup add 1 cup of sugar, little less that reaching the brim though.

Step 3. Mix it well, if the spoon can move freely in the mixture it’s fine, else add small amount of milk, step by step, so that the batter is smooth, for spoon to mix and its can be taken up and the it’s kind of thick and viscous.p and smooth to run spoon in it.

Step 4. Keep the batter aside for half hour to one hour.

Step 5. Take a microwave safe bowl, apply oil on all its side, and you may apply or sprinkle some semolina on the bowl so that we can take the cake out easily.

Step 6. Fill in batter in the glass pan and heat it in microwave. For 10 minutes.

Step 7. After this open, take the knife and put in cake, see nothing should stick cake, it’s sticking cake. Then heat for another 5 minutes. Repeat this process, soon you get the smell of cake made and the knife will come out clean from the pan.

Here is how mine looked

Step 8. Take another plate over this hot bowl, and turn it upside down, this would be out on plate, do it once more, the cake would be in right direction on plate.

Step 9. I am not using icing, but just plain cake.

Time to serve

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