Soupy Fried Vegetable Noodles

It’s delicious

Ingredients: 1 capsicum, 1 onion, carrot, tomatoes and any other of your favourite vegetables, I was not in mood to add beans, in this, as it can make taste blant. Oil, 4 spoons, 1 knor hot and sour soup. I used this. You may try your combination.


Step 1. Take raw vegetables, wash and cut it.

Step 2. Cut in small parts

Step 3. Heat 4 spoon of oil

Step 4. Put black pepper when oil is heated with very slow flame, then put the chopped vegetables, mix well, then add red chilli, cut in small parts, salt, mix well.

Step 5. Put dry noodles in frying pan. I had Maggi noodles so I used just the noodles from it, I didn’t use the taste enhancer with it. Add water in pan, 2 cups.

Step 6. Take 3 cup water and hot and sour Soup, heat it in pan keep mixing well, as per instructions. You can use your own cooked soup as well.

Step 7. Time to serve, when water dry in noodles in pan, put in half soup in serving bowl, and then add cooked soup around it.

Now noodles in same bowl


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