Hot Cauliflower/Broccoli Potatoes Cooked with Mild Oil

Hot Cauliflower/Broccoli Potatoes Cooked with  Mild Oil 

Ingredients: 1 cauliflower/Broccoli, 2 Potatoes, 1 raw red chilli, salt, black pepper, 2 spoon of cooking oil. [optionally: few fresh coriander leaves]

I didn’t had broccoli hence used cauliflower, which is like a key vegetable made every other day here in this region.

Step1. Peel off potatoes and them long

Step 2. Cut these long stands into small parts – squares like. Why- As the smaller the cut, the less the potato boils.

Step 3. Heat these potatoes into 2 cup of water and boil them in any open pan – No oil is required here.

Step 4. In 5 minutes the potatoes shall be softer, you can taste it well. Dispose off the extra water. And empty the pan in a plate.

Step 5.  While the potatoes are boiling, take a cauliflower or broccoli as available to you. 

Step 6. Cut the cauliflower into small parts with a knife and optionally take a few fresh coriander leaves.

Step 7. Put 2 spoons of oil in a frying pan. And heat it and spread it in a pan. Then put the cauliflower/broccoli in the frying pan with this 2 spoon oil.

Step 8. Heat on high flame now for 30 seconds, keep moving with a spatula. See small change in colours.

Step 9. By now potatoes must be boiled. Add the boiled potatoes in this pan now, note water was removed from the pan after boiling was complete.

Step 10. Add salt, black pepper and red chilli as per taste. Optionally add coriander leaves in it.

Step 11. Keep moving the mixture. 

Step 12. The potatoes were boiled, hence it wont take much time but a maximum 1 minute for the dish to be ready. See some shades of brown in cauliflower and potato.

Step 13. Dish is ready for serving ! Enjoy it hot !

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