Rice with Curd Tempering

Here is a simple, quick variant of rice, you can make to enjoy flavors of Earth.

Ingredients: 1 cup rice, 4 spoons pigeon peas, green chilli-2, salt, mustard seeds (optional), but adds flavor, curry leaves, chili raw or powder as per availability, I used raw.

Curd Tempering is the process in which curd is put in small quantity of hot oil , to release its tastes which otherwise is not accessible in plain curd.

See more on tempering if you are new to cooking with tempering.

Here are complete steps.

Step 1. Clean rice and boil it for eating. You can go to next step. How I do ? Here it is: Put 1 cup rice and equal amount of water in pressure cooker and cook for one whistle. Wait for steam to come out. Though the other way is better- of cooking in open pan and have starch free rice. Any technique can be used.

Step 2. Take a pan, put 1 spoon of cooking oil of your choice in it. Put curry leaves- I took one branch of it from plant, put 1 spoon of mustard seed in it. Close the gas lid, let it heat up.

Step 3. Put pigeon peas in in pan now, maximum 4 spoons, else too many crunchy taste you may get in rice. Let me tell you seeds will be fried till golden brown and will be crunchy in taste as raw seeds. Switch on the stove if oil is cooler and pulse cannot be fried in this meagre oil. Make sure not to burn it, so use slow flame, cook it, not just turn it to golden. Keep moving it. Put green chilli/red chilli as per taste !

Step 4. Take one cup of curd and put it in pan after closing the flame. It may cause instant heat, hence better close the flame.

Step 5. Mix it and heat for 30-50 seconds approx. Add salt and optional spices as per taste. I used only salt.

Step 6. By now, steamed or cooked rice must be ready.

Step 7. Put the prepared to eat rice in pan, and mix it well. Dish is ready to eat.

Serve it hot, it doesn’t require any curry to eat with.

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