Cool Mint MilkShake

Ingredients: Milk Compound, Fresh Mint Leaves, Vanilla Ice Cream, 2 spoon of milk powder

The steps for a quite very nice milkshake are as follows:

1. Take fresh mint, as much as you prefer, I took this bunch, and with a pair of scissors cut the top leaves, I prefer high concentration of mint, How about you ?

2. Cut mint

3. Take two scoops of vanilla ice cream

4. Put mint and vanilla icecream, in a mixture grinder,

5. Take milk compound, one fourth of bowl, approx two scoops, heat this in a microwave for few seconds, know milk compounds heat up quickly, touch it, it shall be soft and dissolvable,

This looks brown, given this have cocoa in it, hence chocolatey flavored.

6. Take two tea spoons, and half bowl of water. (This is optional, you may put just water, to make shake some liquidity)

Put these, in, mixture grinder, and run it for a minute, see, open and check yours in between, mixture should be smooth, and mint leaves all indistinguishable from the rest of the shake.

You may try grinding the mint separately, in case of low confidence.

7. Time to serve, it was too cool got hot day.

Published by Nidhika

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