Refreshing Sweet-Sour Green Mango and Black-Eyed Bean Salad

Black-Eyed Bean cooks fast as compared to other beans!

You can use yellow mango too— ! I made my green mango ripe for it to give both sweet and sour taste. Have a great feast!

Step 1. Take one bowl of black-eyed beans, clean them and with 1.5 bowl water heat it in a pressure cooker for 10-15 minutes on slow gas—Around 5-6 whistles of cooker.

Step 2. Take 2 green mango, which are soft. It gives a mixed taste —Neither sour nor sweet. Its juicy, not hard–and sweet and sour both! A green mango can be kept in fridge for few days to make it sour and sweet, for you to taste it more!

Step 3. Peel these two mangoes, green cover. See how ripe they are and still somewhat sour. I kept it in fridge for 7 days.

Step 4. Mince or grind or cut in very small pieces. Mincing is better as it mashes up with beans giving juicy, delicious taste.

Step 5. Check if steam of pressure cooker is out take the black-eyed bean.

Step 6. Take it out in plate. The water should be mostly absorbed by heating. If not heat a little more to get the water absorbed.

Step 7. Put the minced mangos on top of it and mix well.

Step 8. Chop one onion and add it to the mixture in plate.

Step 9. Mix well, add black pepper, salt, oregano to it, mix it.

And it is ready to eat–Juice -Sweet and Sour beans with onions ! You can add more vegetables as per likings! I kept it simple!

Published by Nidhika

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