Green Unripe Mango-Ginger-Lemon-Mint ——-Chilled Drink–To beat the Heat —In 10 minutes Only

All you need is : One green unripe mango, 2 small lemons, one handful of fresh green mint leaves, an one cubic inch of ginger.

It maxes 6 glasses of drink. Note, not everyone can digest green unripe mango, which is uncooked– test well before using regularly!

Sugar can be added if you like it. I had it without sugar! See if this unique taste suits you!

Step 1. Collect and clean ingredients:

One green unripe mango, 2 small lemons, one handful of fresh green mint leaves, an one cubic inch of ginger. Here it is for viewing.

Step 2. Peel the green unripe mango.

Step 3. Cut ginger and mango in large pieces.

Step 4. Put cut things-ginger, unripe mango and mint in mixture grinder. Also squeeze the 2 lemons in mixture-grinder.

Step 5. Add half spoon of rock salt-use normal salt if rock salt not available.

Mix it — till you get mixture-mine was ready in less than 30 seconds.

Step 6. Pour the mixture in glass– around 5 spoon in each glass- And add chilled water in it. Mix with spoon. Drink is ready.

Note: If guests at home, mix some sugar- 4 spoons to mixture–as well in grinder. And pour it with sieve to remove fibbers. I didn’t removed fibers, it tastes well to get small fibers in mouth. But you can remove it for added tastes. The recipe is for 6 glasses of this drink. See if raw green mango suits you—As last time I told you to cook it in pressure cooker–to taste completely different. Have a great day!

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