Pepper Chicken Fry Curry

The specialty of this delicious chicken curry is that it is tempered with black pepper. Have a look!

Ingredients: Black Pepper, Chicken raw pieces, Salt, Tomatoes, Onions. That is it. Rest is all optional—Spices, you can add as I mentioned here. But without it too it taste good and with spices it tastes well !

Pepper Tempering is a process of adding pepper, raw and powder, to hot oil, to increase its specific essence. After this other things are added without waiting much as else the taste can vary. Just add to hot oil and put other ingredients. Make sure not to over heat oil, as oil can burn. Just vapors should come out. You can close the stove heat for a while after adding pepper, if you are new to cooking involving tempering.

Recipe for four chicken pieces, increase in appropriate proportions to increase quantity.


Step 1. Cut 2 onion and 2 tomatoes and mix it in mixer-grinder.

[Optional—-I optionally added 2 garlic and 0.5 cm square of ginger in it as well, with some coriander leaves. ]

Once mixed well. Keep it on one side.

Step 2. Heat vegetable oil of your choice. I used mustard oil. in frying pan. Four serving spoons.

Step 3. Put black pepper in heated oil, both powder-1 table spoon and some raw black pepper adds to taste well.

Step 4. Put the tomato-onion mixture in Step 1 in this frying pan.

Step 5. Heat it till oil separates out and color of mixture changes. Oil little extra than mixture.

Step 6. Put washed 4-chicken pieces in the pan now. And add water to it to cover all chicken pieces. Cover the lid with slight opening to let steam go out.

Step 7. Add 1/2 spoon salt,

[Optional—–I optionally used the following as well. 1/2 spoon chili, 1/4 spoon asafoetida powder, and mixture of the following [1 spoon] [= cinnamon powder, coriander seeds powder, cinnamon black and green powder], 1/2 spoon turmeric powder. ]

Step 8. Mix it and heat it on low flame for half an hour, make sure water does not all dry up. Once you check the softness of chicken needed and the density of curry in chicken. Close the gas stove. I preferred a thick curry, so dried some water but heating it on high flame for one minute.

Step 9. Put in a bowl with some green chili and the dish is ready for serving.

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